Today we have a long drive back to Kampala. Along the way, we stop for lunch and take pictures at the equator and visit the Mpigi Royal Drum Makers.

We had fun…
JB and me at the equator.
Remmy really loves his drums. Look at the big smile on his face.
The owner of the shop with the help of his workers showed us all that is involved in crafting ceremonial drums. The methods have been passed down through generations.
We arrived at our resort in the evening. Very quiet spot over looking Lake Victoria. Tomorrow we explore Kampala.
After fighting traffic we finally arrived at Laika ac Gaddafi National Mosque, Kampala
Idi Amin wanted to build the largest mosque in Africa but he never finished it. Gaddafi gave the money for it a couple of years ago.
We wanted to come here because the view from the tower over looks the entire city, a 360 degree view.
We had to become Muslims for the day.
See the squares in the rug? Each square is for a person to kneel and pray. We also had to take off our shoes.
We are in the woman’s section in the balcony.
They did not make Gilles become a Muslim? No clothes to fit him?
All the chandeliers, big and small had this design.
We then climbed 304 steps to the top of the tower. Kampala is the capital city. It has two million people in the city proper and another four millions on the outlying areas. The city was set on seven hills originally but now many more hills have been developed. It is densely populated and the roads are jammed with vehicles. I think that our guide told us that on the original seven hills, a religious building was placed. I think the two towers in the back of this picture is the Catholic Church. Rubaga Cathedral”
See the roads they all lead into the city.
Hilton hotel?
Bank of Uganda?
There were many modern buildings in Kampala.
St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Costco is on the right front in this picture.
This is where you catch a taxi to anywhere in Uganda. The taxis here are more like buses.
catch the traffic…
See those plastic containers, they are filled with grasshoppers.
They are a big source of protein and farmers are making a living harvesting them.
The grasshoppers are cooked in a frying pan or pot with a little oil while they are still alive. The grasshoppers contain quite a bit of oil in themselves. They are eaten hot or cold, a snack, or a meal. A favorite of young and old alike and taste like crispy chicken skin. You might want to use a toothpick after.
We walked through this busy market.
I think we were the only white people in this market. The term for white people is mzungu.
Allāhu akbar (الله أكبر), “God is [the] greatest”.

Our tour ended in Kampala, Gilles and Dominique headed to the airport. Dan, Karen, JB and I went back to Entebbe. We were so happy that we choose Entebbe over Kampala as our home base. Entebbe is quiet and has very little traffic. We had one more day to sight see. We decided to go to the Uganda Reptile Village. Dan appreciates snakes and I do too.

Forest Cobra
Egyptian Cobra
Mamba with eggs. Not the black Mamba.
Snapping turtle
Tortoise eating coconut?
Chameleons, our guide said that we would be lucky to find one of these guys. We found two.
Gaboon Viper, look at its big flat head.
Pond Lilly, the color is awesome.
Blue seed pods of the evergreen perennial, Dianella tasmanica
Very busy rooster…
Turn up the volume….
Don’t want to get in this tank with this crocodile.
This is a boa constrictor. Dan just had to pick one up. See how it is coiling around his arm. Dan was saved by the guide.
The boa peed on Dan. Too bad we didn’t catch that in the video. Even the rooster was impressed!

This ended our adventure in the wilds of Africa. That evening we had our last supper at a restaurant on the water. JB and I shared a Grilled tilapia, the whole fish, head, eyes and all. It was delicious. We then headed to the airport for our flight back home. It was fun reliving this amazing trip by writing this blog. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I highly recommend doing this trip if you feel the urge. You can always do a sedan chair for the gorillas. Sweet travels…..

Author: Barrettranch

Retired. Love to travel.

One thought on “Today we have a long drive back to Kampala. Along the way, we stop for lunch and take pictures at the equator and visit the Mpigi Royal Drum Makers.”

  1. Loved this post Millie—I could almost hear the traffic & the market. And how beautiful both the Mosque & the resort. Since the Lotus is the symbol most dear to my heart I’m enlarging the pix you sent—the color is extraordinary 🌅🌅🌅🌅🦋🦋🦋


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