This morning we had a short drive to Lake Mburo. We will do a game drive after checking into our lodge, then another boat ride and a guided walk through the park. Another busy and fun filled day.

We passed another trade center along the way.
Everything looks so fresh and beautiful.
Another incredible lodge, open air, dining is at the rear.
A cozy spot to relax.
Charging station.
Hand made scooter.
Pool overlooking the park.
Ugandan impalas, right outside our lodge.
Impalas all around.
Impala. What a face and Obama ears.
The stripes may help to confuse predators, a group of zebras standing or moving close together may appear as one large mass of flickering stripes, making it more difficult for the lion to pick out a target. The skin of the zebra is black and the stripes are white. It is thought that the white stripes cool the zebras. These zebras do not have to worry about lions in this park. Zebras cannot be ridden because their backs are weak.
Doesn’t this tail look braided?
Finally a good shot of a Yellow-billed Oxpecker riding a zebra.
Young impala nursing.
Some birds are hard to identify. This bird and the one below, at first glance look alike. On this one the eye seems larger and has white circling the entire eye. It also has a yellow bill and yellow legs.
This one has a white strip above the eye, a black beak and light pinkish legs.
Boy these birds blend in well. I think they may be Water Thick-knee.
Remmy our driver, friend and guide.
Gilles and Dominique.
Karen and Dan.
I called this the zebra restaurant. Hope they don’t serve zebra!
This is my favorite tree in Africa.
A sandpiper riding a warthog?
Giant Kingfisher
African Fish eagles on nest, look at the beautiful brown and black body feathers.
African fish eagles mainly eat fish but will eat small birds and baby crocodiles.
This is not a baby Crock.
It is hard to catch these guys opening their mouth, it happens so fast.
Hamerkop, the big nest guy.
On the road again.
Next our walk in the park. Rebecca was our guide. The reason we could walk freely is because there is only one male lion left in this park. As you will see shortly, cattle graze with wild animals. Lions have been killed because they attack the cows.
Topi is a fast antelope. Females and males have horn. Females are smaller.
I guess I am a butt girl.
Caught this guy in the act?
He was flexing his muscle for us, he even saluted us.
This baby was just born. It can take up to 20 minutes for the baby to stand up and walk.
The head raised for a second and fell right back down. We decided to give them privacy and went on our way.
These guys raced right by us.
Waterbucks, these guys are so easy to identify because of the white heart around it’s noses.
Unfortunately this picture was hard to capture and into the sun. See the baby?
Majestic Beauty.
Yellow-billed Stock
These storks are usually found in lakes and swamps.
Elands are antelopes. Elands are known to be very peaceful herbivores whose diet is primarily grass and leaves. Both sex have horns which have a spiral ridge but with different purpose, males horns are thinker and shorter than females although for females are more delicate.
Our guide told us that Eland are very shy. We got very close which she said is unusual, they usually move away from people.
Beautiful markings.
I think this one is a male.
Short and sweet, amazing catch.
On the road going back to camp, a herd of African cattle blocked the road.
The cow herder came up to our van and wanted money to let us go by.
Can you see how thin that man is?
Day is done…

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