Oops! Back once again to the cruise on the Kazinga Channel. I missed showing you a picture of a bird from that cruise. It bothered me thinking about it. I was sure that I had captured a picture of this bird. Where was it? Well here it is, I found it, now I can sleep tonight.

The African Spoonbill, when the spoonbill feeds it is very lively, it swings its open bill from side to side. With the movement of the boat and the bird itself, I had a hard time actually capturing a picture of it. I felt so good when I finally got one. The spoonbill feeds on various fish, molluscs, amphibians, crustaceans, insects and larvae. Unlike herons, spoonbills fly with their necks outstretched.

One of our favorite lodges was the Kasenyi Safari Camp. It was owned by an Ugandan who retired from Genentech and now lives in Tampa, Florida. He returns to Uganda during the safari high seasons. He reminded me of Morgan Freeman.

Everywhere we stayed was excellent but some places were exceptional. This was one of them.

This camp was well run and it has a rating of a 5 star resort. I can understand why.
The bar, a very important watering hole. We consumed a lot of beer.
I loved this Christmas tree.
This is where we had dinner. The lake below is a salt lake. It is a safe place in the evening for many animals. Also flamingos can be seen there.
Breakfast anyone, Coffee please. All levels of the lodge were open to the wild surroundings.
Africans carry heavy things on their heads. Makes sense to me. I just couldn’t get the suitcase up that high.
Our wonderful staff. Dominique on the left, JB on the right.
The living, breathing Karen, life among the sculls. I choose life.
This was the charging station for cameras and phones.
This is the fire pit for the guards at night. Fire keeps the animals away. Because we were actually in the wild, we had to be escorted to our rooms after dinner for our safety. Our guards and guides, all carried A.K. 47’s or maybe 15’s. Whatever, the rifles were big!

The next morning we headed to Ishasha, the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth Park. We were hoping to see the Giant Forest Hog and the Tree climbing lions.

Our big disappointment! This huge truck had been stuck here for five days. They were busy unloading the truck to lighten the load. We just had to join in on all the fun of being stuck. Good thing we were very close to our lodge. The lodge supplied a car for our luggage with room for two to ride. I rode with the luggage. The rest of our group walked to the lodge. Unfortunately it took so long for a towing truck to arrive we were late for the game drive to see the lions. For first time on our trip we struck out. We did not see the the tree climbing lions or the Giant hog. Turned out the chances of seeing either of them were slim anyway.
They huffed and they puffed but
they could not get us unstuck!
This is what we missed in Ishasha. I got this picture on line.
Picture also from the internet.
This is the Giant Forest Hog. Picture is from the internet.
While we waited to get our safari van out of the mud, I took pictures, of course.
Beauty everywhere, you just have to look for it.
This young man wanted to visit with us. Dominique was great with children, giving them pens and paper and teaching them French.
The forest around us at our lodge.
Karen, down my the river.
You could have breakfast served by the river.
Is this a fungus?
My guess is that this is baboon scat with corn. There were lots of baboons in the area. They were on our deck when we arrived.
Had to bypass the baboons to get into our chalet! I sent the big guy.
On the road again. We saw sleeping lions.
Takes a lot out of you to eat around here.
Red-necked Spurfowl
Hooded Vulture
What’s a guy to do?
In the foreground, there are water buffalo. If this ever happens to you, you may want to check around before you eliminate.
We noticed that this elephant was acting erratically. It seemed to be hesitant about crossing the road.
As we went by the elephant, he started chasing us. I feel sorry for the boda boda behind us.
Black-chested Snake Eagle
Long-crested Eagle
Black- headed Heron

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One thought on “Oops! Back once again to the cruise on the Kazinga Channel. I missed showing you a picture of a bird from that cruise. It bothered me thinking about it. I was sure that I had captured a picture of this bird. Where was it? Well here it is, I found it, now I can sleep tonight.”

  1. Another great one Millie.  Love looking at the pictures of all things and animals.  I am saving these in a folder to look at again!Carol


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